M1. Lofty Ambitions?

💻 The M1 processor has sent shock waves through the technology industry. Nobody predicted that Apple’s first-generation custom silicon would be as capable, compatible and energy-efficient as it has turned out to be.
Many people in tech have eaten a big slice of humble pie. Early critics predicted modest boosts to performance but with average power consumption. Or conversely improved power consumption with more modest performance improvements. The M1 defies both assumptions and delivers sensational performance per watt ⚡️
It seems like Apple’s custom silicon is set to trailblaze and upend the industry for years to come. Perhaps highlighting this, Intel shared a flawed comparison last week of their latest chips when benchmarked against the M1. They failed to mention that the tests were run in the worst possible scenario for the M1 chip.
Intel ran its tests using non-native code and in backwards compatibility mode. The benchmarks that Intel chose weren’t the common ones we typically see such as geekbench, cinebench, heaven and so forth. Intel feels threatened and it’s clear to see why. Even fierce critics of Apple have been impressed by the M1 chip.
Many in the industry are anticipating what Apple will do next when it releases more powerful chips for its desktop iMac line, more powerful 16 inch MacBook Pro and eventually the top of line MacPro. Will we see Apple extend its lead even more? Or have they perhaps peaked a little too soon? Time will tell but I’d bet that we’re in the very early innings of what Apple will be able to achieve with its own silicon.
Interestingly today Wired magazine reported that that the first native M1 malware has begun to circulate so the new chip certainly isn’t bulletproof. But I think the eventual arrival of malware was inevitable.
Are you impressed by the M1? Does it defy gravity? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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