DualSense. Transformative?

🎮 DualSense. The biggest change to the PlayStation controller since the original PS1 controller.
Haptic feedback, Dynamic adaptive triggers and integrated microphones enable a totally new and more connected gaming experience.
DualSense comes into its own when developers take the time to integrate it into the design of their game. The powerful haptics can simulate the sensation of walking through sand, splashing through water or even applying the breaks in a vehicle.
Most games support DualSense to some degree but the best implementation of the new tech is when that extra work is put in by the developer to optimise for it. But there is still work to do.
Recently an issue called ‘DualSense Drift’ has cropped up, similar to the Joy-Con drift issue on the Nintendo switch. The issue causes your character to move on screen as if you were interacting with the analogue stick even though you haven’t touched them. The jury is still out on if Sony can fix the issue with a software update. Here’s hoping!
But issues aside the DualSense controller has the potential to redefine what we expect from a modern gaming controller. Haptic feedback can be transformational when implemented correctly!
Have you tried the new controller yet? What are your first thoughts? Let me know in the comments ⬇️
Image – Krzysztof Hepner // Unsplash

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